~Nothing is as real as a dream. The world can change around you, but your dream will not. Responsibilities need not erase it. Duties need not obscure it. Because the dream is within you, no one can take it away.~

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May 30, 2004

well everyone has offically got a xanga now.. and its crazy. kinda avoiding. i'm starting to think that xanga isn't really all that after everyone has one i mean there no fun.. but i still like it better than blogdrive. sorry blogdrive but yes i do kinda miss ya! i mean how coudl i not i had you for like a YEAR! yep it sucks too.. but i guess i gotta deal i may come back to this later if i find out eveyrone got a xanga and it gets outta control! well bye!

Posted at 04:00 pm by quiksilverbabe
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May 25, 2004

woah its been a while since i have been here.. changed kinda. i have had so much fun at xanga. i'm gonna say there well here is my xanga if you didn't know it. just click on the lil link! School is out today... which is good. i have so many mixed emotions. but i gotta stick throught them there is really what i have found out that i can talk to anymore. i'm afraid everyone is out to get me.. eveyrone. but until then.. i'm out! by

Posted at 02:29 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 22, 2004

for right now i'm leaving so this is my farwell.. i'm going to xanga.. www.xanga.com/srycantbperfect its really hard trying to keep up w/ two blogs.. and confusing.. so i'm just gonna use xanga.. bye.. see all of yall.. i may come back.. i may not i don't know but farwell...

Posted at 05:16 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 20, 2004
JuSt StOppIng By

i cant talk cuz i'm on "punishment" i rented bring it on again and a book called CUT.. jen

Posted at 09:41 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 19, 2004

hey u guys i don't know if i should leave this blogdrive thing or not i mean i don't like it as much as i like my xanga but i don't know.. shoud i stay or should i go.. comment on it...

Posted at 10:04 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 18, 2004

hey u guys something happend today that i'm not even gonna talk about but it made me mad like 3 ppl know.. and thats all that is gonna know because it is really depresing and everything.. not really thought.. i think it is a whole bunch of bullsh!t but that is just me personally.. and everything.. and it sucks.. mari went to fusions so i can't talk to her anymore.. pittiful. just one thing to say.. there are just some ppl in the world that you really cant trust.. w/ anything but anyways.. on the more happier moments! at church today.. they got in a fight or something the ppl were like arguing but since i was n the youth section i wasn't payint to much attention because that is just me personally.. haha me and becca are goin to the movies on friday.. yep yep.. well i'm gonna go.. sorrie if i haven't been puttin pictures up anymore.. it just takes up way too much time and normally in not in the mood for it.. well i'm about to go ill talk to yall folks later! bye love ya.. Jennifer

Posted at 03:49 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 17, 2004

hey u guys whats up.. well today i was supposed to go to the moives but i dind't soo it didn't matter too mUch.. i may go to church w/ paige tomorrow.. if i don't have to babysit my lil cousin.. maybe i can get my sister to do it so i can go w/ my pagie poo.. haha.. i'm soo happy to have friends like i do i don't know what i would do w/o yall.. but my mom keeps askin me if i want to go to private schools and i tell her NO and today i saw her searching on the internet at school i was kinda mad because i had told her no before.. i hope i don't have to go i refuse to go.. lol.. well i'll talk to yall folks later.. bye tootles!

Posted at 08:23 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 16, 2004

hey u guys.. whats up nothin much here. i went to st. joe today it was okay.. but it was boreing like no on one was there really so it wasn't too much fun.. some ppl were playin soccer but i know NOTHING about soccer and i wasn't about to imbarrase myself.. thats is like a big NO NO haha well school was okay well 3rd 5th and 6th were.. why because we had SUBs.. they are soo cool we do nothing when there there they just tell the teachers that we didn't have time and so we can talk the whole time is like amazing. haha.. well anyways.. i wouldnt wanna go to a private school there not.. FuN.. my mom asked me if i wanted to i was like No thankyou.. haha well i don't have much to talk about so i'm gonna go i'll talk to yall peeps later.. peace! love ya.. Jennifer.. Jennypoo

Posted at 10:39 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 15, 2004

hey yall.. whats up.. i went to the ortho. today and it really made me think about some things.. well there was this girl there in front of me she was punk and stuff.. but then her mom came in and her mom was like all preppy and crap.. what i'm trying to get over is.. people don't really grow off there parents all the time.. i sure dont.. i don't grow off of anyone in my family.. well that sucks nope not really.. but i'm just wonderin i thought that was just a really strange quincidence.. well she looked cool.. i hate going to the ortho.. its so GAY.. i got black and pink rubberbands in case that you kinda wanted to know.. i don't exactly fit in w/ my family.. but i do the best that i can do because i love them and i have to deal with them for like the rest of my life.. so i got to deal with it and like suck it up.. yep yep.. school today.. was whats the word.. GAY as usual.my mouth hurts really bad i couldnt even eat.. but i mannaged.. if u know me i managed.. i have a very FAST matobilism and its a good thing.. yep yep.. its really cool.. i don't know what i'm gonna do this weekend.. mari is gone for beta club but she will be back on friday.. and uh.. paige.. i think were goin to swensons.. i'm really not for sure.. well one more thing.. ppl in my family steal.. because when i come home.. i cant find things and its not even funny! well i'm about to be like outie.. i love yall.. and i'll talk to you later.. Jennifer
Question of the Day..
Are you different.. from anyone in your family!

Posted at 10:37 pm by quiksilverbabe
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Apr 14, 2004

hey everyone whats up notin much goin on here shcool was lame.. well i gotta go. i found out something a few min ago that is really scarin me about a friend of mine.. well i'm about to be outie! bye

Posted at 10:26 pm by quiksilverbabe
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